The World's Christian Endeavor Union

We are uniting 30 independent National Christian Endeavor Unions in 29 countries around the world. Christian Endeavor (CE) is the first interdenominational youth ministry and had a tremendous impact on the Protestant Mission and - less visible – also on the Protestant Churches especially in the United States.

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Confidence In God

May 28 Psalm 27 “How can I have victory over fear?” The answer to this important question is given in Psalm 27 which says in effect “Trust in God!” or “Confidence in God!”. We often relate darkness to times of uncertainty and stress. In our life journey we may pass through dark times in which […]

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June 14 – 18, 2017

EC-Freizeitheim, Heimbachweg 20, 34626 Neukirchen, Germany

Connect Europe 2017

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