The World's Christian Endeavor Union

We are uniting 30 independent National Christian Endeavor Unions in 29 countries around the world. Christian Endeavor (CE) is the first interdenominational youth ministry and had a tremendous impact on the Protestant Mission and - less visible – also on the Protestant Churches especially in the United States.

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Response To The End Times

March 29 Luke 21:5-19 Things are not always what they seem to be. When the disciples saw Herod’s temple, they saw its external beauty, but they failed to see what was really behind it, like spiritual hypocrisy, rejection of Christ and the Gospel etc.. That is why Jesus warned the disciples to beware of the […]

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Upcoming Events:

May 05 – 07, 2017

Satu Mare, Romania

Vertical (Függőleges) conference

June 14 – 18, 2017

EC-Freizeitheim, Heimbachweg 20, 34626 Neukirchen, Germany

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