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About us

Welcome to the World’s Christian Endeavor Union

We are uniting 30 independent National Christian Endeavor Unions in 29 countries around the world. Although quite different in size and structure, all have their roots in the Christian Endeavor movement which sprung up in the United States 1881 (see History). Presently in about 20 additional countries Christian Endeavor Societies are being built up. Christian Endeavor (CE) is the first interdenominational youth ministry and had a tremendous impact on the Protestant Mission and - less visible – also on the Protestant Churches especially in the United States.

Read the bylaws of World's Christian Endeavor Union (72 kB)

We believe that all young people:

  • are loved and unconditionally welcomed by God
  • are created by God for service and significance
  • are called by Jesus Christ for mission and ministry
  • are vital to the life of the church of Jesus Christ

CE aims at:

  • encouraging young people to commit their lives to the service of Jesus Christ
  • training and equipping young people to live daily for Jesus Christ and serve in his church, in their communities and the world
  • mobilizing and empowering Christian young people to build the Kingdom of God
  • providing fellowship to grow in Christian faith and life

The World’s Christian Endeavor Union works toward this aims by encouraging and supporting Christians and churches to follow the Christian Endeavor principles and methods (see Basics) in their youth ministry.


CE societies are part of a local church and share its theology and denomination. They strive to loyally support their congregation as per the

CE - Motto:

For Christ and the Church (or: For Christ and His Church)

Active members of a CE society are expected to express their commitment to Christ and to the movement by signing the

CE – Pledge:

Trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ for strength, I promise Him that I will strive to do whatever He would like to have me do; that I will make it the rule of my life to pray and to read the Bible every day, and to support the work and worship of my own church in every way possible; and that just so far as I know how, throughout my whole life, I will endeavor to lead a Christian life.

As an active member I promise to be true to all my duties, to be present at and to take some part, aside from singing, in every Christian Endeavor meeting, unless hindered by some reason which I can conscientiously give to my Lord and Master, Jesus Christ. If obliged to be absent from the monthly consecration meeting of the society, I will, if possible, send at least a verse of Scripture to be read in response to my name at the roll call.

(This wording of the Christian Endeavor Pledge and of the Platform of Christian Endeavor Principles is given in the interest of understanding and unity and is not mandatory upon national unions.)

Aims and objectives of all CE societies follow the

CE – Principles:

The four guiding principles of Christian Endeavor as expressed by Francis E. Clark, the founder of the movement, have remained constant to this day. Christian Endeavor stands for: 1. Confession of Christ 2. Service for Christ 3. Loyalty to Christ's Church 4. Fellowship with Christ's People

For better understanding and as common platform for Christian Endeavourers around the world these guiding principles have been amplified and supplemented as follows:

1. CE members

  • have made a personal commitment to their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,
  • accept the Bible as the inspired Word of God as rule for their life and faith,
  • read daily their bible and pray as regularly,
  • have signed the CE pledge and strive to live up to their promise
  • are engaged in winning the world for Christ by personal witness, by CE society activities and in cooperation with churches and missionary societies.


  • participate actively in devotional meetings and committees. Thus they are trained for all kinds of Christian service including leadership (Learning by doing)
  • pursue Christian citizenship and promote peace and goodwill among nations


  • are loyal to their own local church and denomination true to the CE motto, "For Christ and the Church". However CE is ideally a youth-led ministry


  • have fellowship across denominational, national and racial boundaries through joint projects or other united activities and at conventions and conferences
  • recognize that it is not the province of Christian Endeavor to legislate for the individual conscience.

A unique and important part of the Christian Endeavor program is the Consecration Meeting (or Consecration Service).
The Consecration meeting is for CE members only and serves as an opportunity to get spiritually refreshed, to review the past activities and performance and for a renewed vision and rededication to Christ and the service he wants to be done.
To consecrate means to "set apart as holy, to make holy, to devote for sacred or serious use". Hence the Consecration meeting is a time to consider the dedication of our time, talents, and service to God. It is designed for worship, contemplation, and decision.
The pledge can be recited together, to remind the group of their commitment to Christ. Music or songs, prayer and a devotional challenge are usually part of the program. Each member may share personal experiences or difficulties.
It is recommended that CE societies hold this meeting monthly.