asia: September 09, 2016

Flood in Assam

Mr. Kretofil Bhengra, General Secretary of CE in N.E. India, reported to CEiI, WCEU and relief organizations about floods in Assam and asked for help. He wrote that there are 5 villages in Sonitpur District and 3 villages in Lakhimpur District badly affected. About 1500 families in Sonitpur District and 1200 families in Lakhimpur District are suffering and need food and shelter. The houses are still under water and people are taking shelter temporarily at a school and at the road side. Government department is providing Rice, Dal and Salt only which are not sufficient according to the comments from the victims. Brother Bhengra visited the area on July 16th at Gohpur (Sonitpur Dist.)and on 17th July at Bhorolua (Lakhimpur Distr.). He found it will be great help if we raise funds to support these affected poor families. Some are Christians; CE members are also affected among the many from other religions. Kretofil Bhengra requests prayer for the affected people and donations to have means for helping them.

September 09, 2016, 10:16 h by Condensed by A. Rudolph.

asia: May 24, 2016

Office Bearers after NEICEU 34th Biennal Convention (India)

Article continued from WCEU Newsletter 2016/2, Page 3.

The leaders for the next two years are:

                   Senior Adviser: Rev  J M Nongpluh, KJCEU, Meghalaya

                   President: Mr. Bantailang Latam, KJCEU, Meghalaya

                   Vice President: Mr. W B Suchiang, KJCEU, Meghalaya

                   Vice President: Mr. Nabin Sesua, SDCEU, Sonitpur, Assam

                   General Secretary: Mr. Kretofil Bhengra, SDCEU, Sonitpur, Assam

                 Asst. Gen Secretary: Mr. Anil Digal, Adivashi CE Union, BTAD, Assam

                   Treasurer: Dr. John Sona, LDCEU, North Lakhimpur, Assam

                Executive Members: Mr. Samuel Pando, LDCEU, North Lakhimpur, Assam, Mr. CH Passah, Mr. M B Shyiem, Mr. T Shullai, Mr. Mukul Borah and all the General Secretaries of District CE Unions.

May 24, 2016, 12:45 h by Anna Visky.

asia: November 26, 2015

CE in India Convention in Chennai

The Triennial National Convention of CE in India was held in LITE auditorium in Chennai on 21-23 October 2015. 425 delegates from all parts of the country from different CE Unions/Societies participated on the convention. The convention was inaugurated by Rt. Rev. Dr. A. Rajavelu, Bishop of Vellore Diocese. The theme of the convention was Stewardship - Divine Beauty. God’s message was brought by God’s servants: Rev. Isaac Sikha, Rev. Dr. J. Samuel Sudhakar, Rev. Dr. Y. John Bashkar and Rev. Surendra Kumar Sahu. Participants from all regions presented their performances in the cultural program in the evenings. The office bearers of CE in INDIA were elected for the triennium 2015-2018 and the dedication service was conducted by Rev. Dr. Ratnakar Sadananda, General Secretary of Synod of Church of South India on 23rd October. They are:

President: Rev. Surendra Kumar Sahu Vice-Presidents: Miss Dr. Esther Kathiroli, Rev. A.K.Nath, Mr. B.Latam General Secretary: Rev. Dr. Y. John Bashkar Joint Secretary: Mr. Premjit Sabat Treasurer: Mr. Samuel Pando Regional Representative: Mr. Oliver Rajkumar- South India, Mr. M.R.Prasad- North India, Mr. Kretofil Bengra- North-East India Advisors: Dr. B.K.Pramanik, Mr. P.N.Pradhan, Dr. Gladwin Gabriel, Rev. J.M.Nangphul

November 26, 2015, 15:27 h by Rev. Surendra Kumar Sahu.

asia: September 03, 2015

Prayer Request for a Secular State of Nepal

Dear friends,

As the National Coordinator of Christian Commitment to Building New Nepal (CCBNN), an organization advocating for Churches to be involved in leading communities on socio-economic issues based on Proverbs 31:8-9, I have been involved in organizing and participating in public debates with politicians and public interactions/advocacy in all regions and districts for Nepal to be declared a secular state in the new draft constitution being finalized. I am not working alone in this but am with Dharmik Chautari, a religious liberty forum, comprising of Hindu, Buddhist, Islam, Jain, Bahai and Kirat leaders. I had also to take radio and television interviews/ discussions against the demand for declaring Nepal a Hindu state in the new constitution. We are arguing that Nepal is home to many religions including Buddhism and different kinds of animism. Islam in Nepal has a history too. And there are Jains, Sikhs and Bahais too. We are also citing the agreements signed by Nepal, especially, the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights (UNDHR) and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). Therefore, Nepal has to continue to be a Secular State and not a Hindu State or the minorities will be further persecuted as in the past and marginalised from the affairs of the state. This will definitely disturb peace and harmony in Nepal as we see in all South-Asian countries.  

The work is quite demanding and needs to be carried out very carefully as the fundamental Hindus supported by well known Hindu associations and a political party in India are up into their arms against Christians and are supporting Nepali Hindus to use any means to have Nepal declared a Hindu state in the new constitution. This is clear from the rallies and mass meetings they have organized by bringing bus-fulls of fundamental political Hindus to Kathmandu and major cities in East and West Nepal and from their statements in their organizations' facebooks. The main issue against Christians is that of conversion and their rising numbers. Serious articles are being published daily in national newspapers against Christian conversions. Some churches have been attacked too. Our work advocating for a Secular State of Nepal is not finished yet but we hope we will know the tentative conclusion of the Political Dialogue and Consensus Committee (PDCC) and the Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) of the Constituent Assembly (CA) soon. Religious tolerance and co-existence have to be the order of the time.

We will be grateful for your prayers that Nepal be declared a Secular State in the new constitution being finalised. Please do continue to pray for us in Nepal.

God be with us all!

Yours sincerely in Christ, Rev. Dr. Mahendra Bhattarai

Member, Board of Trusties, World Christian Endeavour Union

National Coordinator Christian Commitment to Building New Nepal (CCBNN)

Member, Dharmik Chautari Nepal (Religious Forum Nepal)

September 03, 2015, 17:04 h by Anna Visky.

asia: September 02, 2015

Daily Vacation Bible School in Lebanon

Interview by Raffi Chilingirian, President CE Lebanon

In order to gain further knowledge about the DVBS, we had this quick interview with Ms. Liza Barsoumian who is leading this year's summer school for the third year now.

Raffi: What will the children learn this year, regarding Christian principles?

Liza: Daily Vacation Bible School is one of the most successful forms of outreach for children. Every child needs to hear about God, not only once, but multiple times. This year Children will learn the basic concept of praising God for His power, providence, love, authority and greatness.

Raffi: How many children have registered in DVBS?

Liza: More than 150 Children. Raffi: The number of children registering has increased, what do you think are the reasons?

Liza: Children’s ministry is fun, rewarding and an opportunity to make a long-lasting impact on children and their families. Daily Vacation Bible School is simply fun and children love it. When children have fun, they are more likely to pay attention, learn and invite their friends. We make sure that our Vacation Bible School is worth attending through its organized and prepared activities. Promotion is vital to any successful program, and it can turn a simple event into a significant outreach program. Vacation bible school needs special promotion, for that reason we used posters, fliers, announcements and reminders. Social media is significant as well in promoting an important program as Vacation Bible School, so we created Facebook page dedicated to our DVBS to share lots of pictures of our fun and exciting activities and children being part of that excitement.

Raffi: How did you choose your teachers and helpers? Liza: There are certain characteristics leaders of DVBS need to have, and they are chosen accordingly:

Good relationship with God Biblical knowledge Loves Children Teachable Team player Cooperative Responsible Ready to learn Dependable

Raffi: Why is it important for the church to initiate a DVBS?

Liza: There are many institutions and NGOs organizing summer school activities for children. The major difference between these institutions and our churches is on what they focus, while other institutions focus on creating fun, recreational activities for children, our focus is on biblical priorities. DVBS is an outreach ministry focusing on Jesus and helping children to have loving and good relationship with Him and eventually becoming mature adults of faith.

September 02, 2015, 19:32 h by Anna Visky.