wceu: January 31, 2017

CE Impact: Introducing Nathan Robb

CE Impact is a new heading that aims to present youth of CE that can inspire us through their story in what we do for this movement.

Hello, My name is Nathan Robb I am 20 years old and from the State of Ohio in the United States of America. Since my birth I have been a part of Christian Endeavor. I grew up around the ministry being active in my Church and state CE. 2014 was a big year when I joined the team who went to the CE World Conference in South Korea. It was a real eye opener for me really starting to understand the core mission of Christian Endeavor. In High School God introduced me to Photography and Videography, I realized that he had given me a gift and I started to use it anywhere I possibly could. Through the Korea trip I ended up working with the CE Mission Weeks in the summer of 2016. That was so much fun and I hope you will check out the Summer Highlight Video on my Website. https://youtu.be/nMsewMcBqXM In the last year I have had the opportunity to travel to over 11 CE Events other than our own State and Church Events. I have been privileged to talk to several churches and individuals about how they can start CE in there church. God has blessed me more than I could have imagined and it is so exciting to see how Christian Endeavor is growing not only here in our country but around the world.

January 31, 2017, 10:37 h by Nathan Robb, CE Volunteer.