Daily devotion

Turning Point

June 23

Acts 10:34-48

Perhaps the greatest barrier to the spread of the gospel in the first century was the Jewish-Gentile conflict. Most of the early believers were Jewish, and to them it was not proper to think of associating with Gentiles. But God told Peter to take the gospel to a Roman, and Peter obeyed despite his background and personal feelings. God was making it clear that Salvation is for everyone. God will accept all who repent and turn to Him. God is one who initiated this reconciliation between Himself and mankind. We could do nothing to change our fate. Salvation is only through Jesus. Jesus is the Lamb which God promised to take away the sins of the world. There is no other way. Salvation is evidenced by the Spirit. The Holy Spirit empowered Jesus ministry in the flesh just as He empowers us to continue that ministry today. Salvation is witnessed by the apostles. The apostles saw the things which Jesus did up to and including His death and resurrection. We are witnesses to great things as well by giving testimony to the way He has changed our lives and the lives of those around us because of His death and resurrection. Salvation is provided through crucifixion. Our salvation comes through Christ’s death on the cross for our sin. God’s justice was satisfied completely. Salvation is proved in resurrection. We have assurance and hope as a result. Salvation is preached by believers. We are commanded to proclaim this good news to all people just as the apostles were.

Written by Surendra Sahu, India