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These documents are placed here at your disposal by various authors and national CE unions to be used by anyone. However all rights are with them which we ask you to respect. If you use the texts for publication make sure to acknowledge the source and possibly write a thank you to the author. Please note that most of the articles, texts have been written for a certain cultural set-up. Therefore check whether the material fits to the situation for which you are going to use it. If necessary make sure to adapt the material to your own situation before you publish it.

The World's CE publishes a quarterly newsletter, which is sent by e-mail. If you are interested to receive it, please contact the WCEU office:

World's CE News

(issued by WCEU)

Past editions of the newsletter are available for download:

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CE Prayer Week Guides


Booklet made by the Irish CE Union (English) (1988 kB)

Booklet made by the Irish CE Union (Hungarian) (379 kB)

Pictures & Videos

Videos (on YouTube)

CE World Convention 2010 (short version)

Voices from the CE World Convention 2010

Jubilee Conference of CE Hungary

Youth Evangelism in the German CE

Introduction to CE (in German)

CE Material and Resources

Basic Information about Christian Endeavor (issued by WCEU)

The Christian Endeavor Pledge (4 kB)

Gödöllő statement 2006 (20 kB)

Vision statement (23 kB)

WHAT IS CHRISTIAN ENDEAVOR? (English) Flyer in English language (73 kB)

CE QU’EST EFFORT CHRETIEN (French) Flyer in French language (70 kB)

QUE ES ESFUERZO CRISTIANO? (Spanish) Flyer in Spanish language (503 kB)

CZYM JEST CHRISTIAN ENDEAVOR (Polish) Flyer in Polish language (89 kB)

Materials issued by other National Unions:

Quick Start Manual CE Mid-Atlantic (pdf, 1031 kB)
Quick Start Manual equips youth in a few practical steps to be leaders for Christ and the Church. The manual was developed in the USA, but could be a helpful material in other countries.

CE - An Equipping Youth Ministry (pdf, 568 kB).. Introduction to CE, by CEI (in English)

Trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ for Strength (pdf, 3.2 MB)
Basics of CE, CEI 1981 (in English)

Basics of the Irish CE (pdf, 130 kB)
from the Irish CE website (in English)

Manual de ESFUERZO CRISTIANO (pdf, 2.8 MB) CE manual, CEI 1990 (in Spanish)

Aufbau und Grundlagen der EC-Arbeit in Deutschland (pdf, 50KB)
Structure and Basics of CE work in Germany (in German)

Übersicht über EC-Struktur und Grundsätze (pdf, 41 KB)
Overview of CE structure and principles (in German)

EC-Geschichte in Deutschland (pdf, 55KB)
History of CE in Germany (in German)

Übersicht über EC-Geschichte in Deutschland (pdf, 11 KB)
Overview of history of CE in Germany (in German)

EC-Grundsatz 1: Entschieden für Christus (pdf, 336 kB)
CE Principle 1 (in German)

EC-Grundsatz 2: Verbindliche Zugehörigkeit zur örtlichen Gemeinde (pdf, 462 kB)
CE Principle 2 (in German)

EC-Grundsatz 3: Sendung in die Welt (pdf, 653 kB)
CEPrinciple 3 (in German)

EC-Grundsatz 4: Verbunden mit allen Gliedern der Gemeinde Jesu Christi (pdf, 453 kB)
CE Principle 4 (in German)

History of Christian Endeavor
History of CE in the Americas (pdf, 150 kB)

History of CE in Europe (pdf, 118 kB)

History of CE in Asia (pdf, 49 kB)

History of CE in Australia and the Pacific (pdf, 82 kB)

History of CE in Africa and the Middle East (pdf, 57 kB)

Christian Ministry (issued by German CE)

Mitarbeiter werden - Mitarbeiter sein (pdf, 143 kB)
Being a coworker in the church (in German)

Geistliche Leiterschaft (pdf, 100 kB)
Spiritual Leadership (in German)

Grundlinien der Seelsorge (pdf, 176 kB)
Basics of counceling (in German)

Moderation (pdf, 92 kB)
Leading meetings (in German)

Children Ministry (issued by German CE)

Junior Topic Book - Series Four (pdf, 4.8 MB)
CE Australia, 2006 (in English)

Junior Topic Book - Series Five (pdf, 2.6 MB)
CE Australia, 2006 (in English)

JUNIOR LEADERS GUIDE - Series 5 (pdf, 10 MB)
CE Australia, 2006 (in English)

Du bist... (You are...) - Probe / Sample (German, pdf, 2 MB )
Stundenentwürfe einer Kinderwoche / 7 lessons for sunday school The leaders guide is available from sma(at) Das Leiterheft ist kostenlos erhältlich bei sma(at)

Evangelism (issued by German CE)

In göttlicher Mission (pdf, 94 kB)
The mission of the Church (in German)

Persönliche Beziehungen als missionarische Möglichkeit (pdf, 176 kB)
Personal contacts as opportunities for evangelism (in German)

Über den Glauben reden (pdf, 164 kB)
Takling about your faith (in German)

Ansteckend leben (pdf, 103 kB)
Living contageously (in German)

Themen und Gestaltungsideen für evangelistische Veranstaltungen (pdf, 173 kB)
Topics and Ideas for evangelistic meetings

Vorbereitung einer Evangelisation (pdf, 327 kB)
Organizing evangelistic meetings (in German)

Music Ministry (issued by German CE)

Singen in der Gemeinde (pdf, 814 kB)
Singing in the congregation (in German)

Gemeinsames Singen leiten (pdf, 81 kB)
Leading singing in the congregration (in German)

Lobpreis und Anbetung (pdf, 234 kB)
Leading worship (in German)

Liedbegleitung mit Gitarre (pdf, 172 kB)
Accompanying songs on the guitar (in German)

Chorleiter werden und sein (pdf, 567 kB)
Directing a choir (in German)

Musik missionarisch - Chancen und Grenzen (pdf, 319 kB)
Using music in mission outreach (in German)

Other Materials

Publications from the USA:
CE Digital Resources
The Christian Endeavorer-Archive

CE Publisher in Romania:
KONONIA Publishing
Christian Books and periodicals (mainly in Hungarian)
Koinónia Kiadó/Publishing
Str. Mărginaşă nr. 42
400344 Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Tel/Fax: +40-264-450119; -450344
Email: office(at)

CE Publisher in Germany:
Books, Periodicals and Media for Children and Youth Ministry (in German)

Leuschnerstraße 74, 34134 Kassel; Germany
Tel: 0049 561 4095-107, Fax: 0049 561 4095-112
Here is a list of Materials for Children Ministry from BORN-Verlag (pdf, 89 kB)

Please inform the WCEU central office, if you find some of these materials useful and will translate them to other languages. For matters of copyrights, please contact the publishers directly.

Volunteer Opportunities

(issued by WCEU)

This is a program to offer young people opportunities to serve as volunteer for some time in projects of or in connection with Christian Endeavor unions around the world and gain some international experience.

Volunteer opportunities (16 kB)

Volunteers: what, why, how? (8 kB)